Submit yours by May 10th and get a free Loupedeck CT Travel Case.

In our latest Loupedeck Software release, version 3.2, we added an exciting new feature – Custom Profiles. Custom Profiles are an awesome addition to the Loupedeck Software for Loupedeck CT users, as they allow you to create profiles to control any software you wish. Another great part of Custom Profiles is they can be shared with other CT users! To get you started with building and sharing your own profiles, we created a few examples using some highly requested software! 

* If you’re unfamiliar with Custom Profiles please see our latest intro video below. You can also check out the Loupedeck user-guide version 3.2 for step-by-step instructions here.

Create Custom Profiles and Earn a Free CT Travel Case

Since the release of our latest update, many members of the Loupedeck community have already begun making their own Custom Profiles. To give you guys a bit of a boost to complete and share your profiles with the community, the Loupedeck team is hosting a Custom Profiles Challenge! 

Be among the first to receive the Loupedeck CT Travel Case, a premium case designed to store your CT or when traveling, which has a retail value of 59€/$59. The Loupedeck CT Travel Case will be available exclusively on starting in May.  

How to participate:

Starting today, you will have 1 month to submit a Custom Profile for the software of your choice, which is to be sent here: 

Each Custom Profile submitted will be reviewed by the Loupedeck team. *All submissions that meet the Loupedeck standard will be uploaded to and the creator will receive 1 free Loupedeck CT Travel Case, as well as recognition on our site and promotion on our social media channels. 

 Custom Profiles will be reviewed under the aspect of how the profile enhances the experience of chosen software. 

Breakdown on how to get a FREE Loupedeck CT Travel Case:
  1. Download Loupedeck Software v3.2 (or above) 
  2. Create a Custom Profile for any application not yet supported by Loupedeck 
  3. Submit Custom Profile by May 10th  along with the following information:  
    • Software Name 
    • What type of software is it, and what is it for? (ex. Photo editor) 
    • Description of the expected experience using your Custom Profile and how it enhances the experience 
    • What system(s) does it work with? (Windows, Mac or both) 
    • What language was used to build profile? (ex. English, Spanish etc…) 
    • What type of keyboard does it support? (ex. US/EU QWERTY) 
  4. Wait for Loupedeck’s approval 

The goal of this challenge is to encourage Loupedeck creatives to work together and build/share Custom Profiles that will enhance the community’s user experience and workflow. We’re excited to see your submissions! 

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