Pep Williams’ acclaimed photographic work has been described as the “freshest kind of raw”. From shooting in gritty inner-cities to California prisons, here Williams describes his work methods and what motivates him to capture uncompromising people in challenging Environments.
  • Never stand still

    Ger Ger is one of the world’s most in-demand photographers. From documentary, fashion to conceptual photography, here he reveals the constantly evolving skill sets and passion that continues to drive his work.
  • Loupedeck is growing, diversifying and now.. recruiting

    It’s been an eventful and very successful 2017 so far. So much so, in fact, that ambitious future plans to bring further products to market, and to recruit talented new people to the team, are now fully underway.
  • Depth of Field

    Johany Jutras is one of the leading sports photographers in Canada. Here she gives a unique insight into her creative journey and her impressions of working with Loupedeck.
“When I first saw the Loupedeck, I knew that it could be a game changer for wedding photographers”
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