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The Loupedeck Plugin Library is expanding constantly with new plugins added regularly. Download the Loupedeck Software to get started right away.

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We have designed powerful integrations between Loupedeck consoles and the software you use to ensure a seamless creative experience. Loupedeck plugins are pre-configured with default profiles, which you can activate right from the Loupedeck software.

Experience native compatibility

Lightroom Classic

Intuitively cull and edit photos with Loupedeck for Lightroom Classic

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Adobe Photoshop

Transform your editing and retouching workflow with Loupedeck for Photoshop.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Precision video editing with Loupedeck for Premiere Pro.

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Final Cut Pro

Edit and color grade video more efficiently with Final Cut Pro for Loupedeck.

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Streamlabs OBS (Windows Only)

Stream live and grow your audience with Loupedeck for Streamlabs OBS.

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Engage your viewers with the Twitch plugin for Loupedeck.

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OBS Studio

Stream live and record with the Loupedeck plugin for OBS Studio

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Create professional live video productions using the Loupedeck plugin for vMix.

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Produce pro-qualityl streams on macOS with the Loupedeck plugin for Ecamm.

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Instantly access Loupedeck plugins

You can find Loupedeck Plugins for your console easily. Just download and run the Loupedeck Software, then toggle the “System Profile” dropdown menu and select the plugin you wish to use.

Customize your Loupedeck setup

Loupedeck can easily be customized to meet your needs. Drag and drop any tool straight on to your console. You can assign any function, command, or preset available in the software, and you can also group your tools according to the Loupedeck console you own.

Explore Loupedeck Consoles

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Loupedeck CT

Powerful and totally customizable, Loupedeck CT delivers the best experience to creative masters and professionals.

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Loupedeck Live

Instantly create with Loupedeck Live. Its compact and fully customizable interface offers high speed control for content creators and streamers utilizing Loupedeck Plugins.

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Loupedeck+ puts basic photo and video editing controls at your fingertips. Pro and hobbyist editors enjoy a fast and easy workflow with Loupedeck Plugins.

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Download the Loupedeck Software

Before you connect your console, download the Loupedeck Software.

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