Total freedom for content creators and streamers

Loupedeck Live

Instant creation, editing and streaming at your fingertips. The Loupedeck Live offers speed, accuracy and authority for content creators and live streamers with a limitless vision.

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Instantly move between your tools and applications fast without delay


Create and stream your way with endless customization possibilities



Built to support your creativity – at the studio, on the go, or in your home.

The power to create in the palm of your hand

Creating content and going live have never been this smooth

Stop missing moments and falling behind your flow. Loupedeck Live is here to support you, keeping you engaged and always in control. Instantly access all of your tools, so you can stay focused on your creativity and growing your stream.

Upgrade your performance

Take your creative and streaming workflow to a whole new level

Streamline your workflow


Group your tools, functions, apps, macros, and more into dedicated workspaces, for instant and easy access.

Native Compatibility

Deep Integrations

Experience a variety of deep native integrations to leading software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Twitch, Streamlabs OBS, and OBS Studio and unlock exclusive time-saving features.

Looks and feels good

Built to last

Loupedeck Live’s compact premium build features, haptic analog dials, customizable buttons, LED backlighting, and more – providing consistent, reliable support for content creation and streaming.

You’re always in control

Dynamic Interface

Seamlessly create across various software and switch between tools and functions all from one consistent user interface.

Create and stream without limits

Works with your software

Create and stream using any software you want by creating custom profiles, fully expanding the compatibility of your console.

Make changes you can feel

Tactile Controls

Apply functions with a quick tap of a haptic, touch button and make precision edits and adjustments on the fly. All controls are backlit, perfect for low-lit environments.

Adjusting sound is fast and easy

Precision Audio Control

Adjust the volume of your stream’s audio channels and microphone levels without taking your eyes off the game.

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Easy, 45 Day Returns!

Our 45-day Return Policy, gives you more time to know and love your Loupedeck.

Exclusive Loupedeck Accessories

Only here you’ll find suitable Loupedeck travel cases and accessories for your console!

Power your content & streaming workflow

Intuitive. Smooth. Endlessly customizable.

Go live in seconds, effortlessly switch scenes and sources, adjust your audio channels on the fly, and much more. Loupedeck Live lets you customize everything to your needs, letting you create and stream without limits. You can even automate sequences using actions, macros, and delays all from one intuitive interface.

Industry-leaders back Loupedeck Live

From the Loupedeck Community

“It’s an awesome piece of hardware and software. The possibilities are really endless, knowing you can customize it to no end!”

– Gael LEVEL / Pro Streamer and Content Creator

“If you’re doing content creation or streaming.. it’s in my opinion a no brainer to go with Loupedeck Live”

– Chad Miller / Pro Streamer & Content Creator

“I used to have a really complex live stream and it was really stressful. Not anymore with this thing!”

– Michael Feyrer Jr. / Pro Streamer & Content Creator

“As much as I love to explore and find places like this one right here when I’m back home all I think about is editing the pics I got! The Loupedeck Live has helped me to improve my editing workflow so much that now I basically do all my edits through the console. It’s legit good. My favorite part is the photo rating, going through all my shots and rating them is so much easier now. Can’t recommend this enough!”

– Mica Veras dos Santos / Pro Photographer

“My editing workflow was speeding up already in the first days after buying the Loupedeck Live. Now I’m using it every day. It’s reliable, fast, easy to set up, and works perfectly with Lightroom and Final Cut Pro. Loupedeck Live saves me time and makes my edits even better!”

– Gerson Verkerk / Pro Photographer and Videographer

“The beauty of the Loupedeck Live is how customizable it is. The applications for this are limitless. On a creative side there’s so much more you’ve unlocked especially when it comes to @lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut.”

– Spencer Ryan / Pro Filmmaker

Create, edit and stream without limits

Create and stream faster than ever before with Loupedeck Live, the custom console for content creators and streamers

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Loupedeck Live and Travel Case Bundle

Create and manage your stream at home, in the studio, or on the go with the Loupedeck Live Travel Case Bundle

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Loupedeck CT

Maximize your creativity with our most powerful console for creative master and professionals

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Intuitive design and tactile controls bring a natural feel to photo and video editing