Loupedeck Rewards

We’d appreciate your feedback so we can improve. Let us know about your Loupedeck experience by leaving a written product review at any online retailer and you will be entered into our monthly giveaway.

Every month, we will randomly select one lucky winner to receive one Loupedeck console of their choice.

Loupedeck Giveaway entry instructions:

  1. Visit an online retailer (e.g Amazon, B&H, Wex Photo Video, Microcenter)
  2. Leave a written review about your Loupedeck experience
  3. Complete the form below and add a link and screenshot of your review
  4. Sign up for the Loupedeck newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for giveaway announcements

Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Loupedeck Rewards program, you agree to the following:

  • Entry procedure: All reviews will submitted via Loupedeck.com/rewards within the program duration.
    • Submission of an entry indicates your expressed interest in entering the giveaway
  • The program will begin immediately and end on the date/expressed by Loupedeck
  •  Eligibility
    • Must be 18 years and older to participate
    • Must agree to Loupedeck Giveaway Terms and Conditions
  • Prizes
    • One winner will be selected
    • One prize will be given to the winner
    • Prizes are subject to change every month
    • Choice of prize is subject to Loupedeck’s discretion
  • Method of selecting the winner: Random computer selection
  • Winner will be contacted by email