Loupedeck for Final Cut Pro

Loupedeck consoles are custom control surfaces for video editing and color-grading. This Final Cut Pro plugin is the first Apple-Developed Compatibility with Loupedeck. Each console is equipped with the Final Cut Pro plugin, enabling a more tactile experience. With its highly intuitive interface, Loupedeck boosts productivity and makes fine-tuning your videos easy.

The Final Cut Pro plugin for Loupedeck is now available within the Loupedeck software.

Loupedeck consoles for Final Cut Pro

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Loupedeck CT for Final Cut Pro

If you’re a professional video editing or filmmaker, Loupedeck CT is the console for you. Designed for professional workflows, Loupedeck CT is equipped with a dedicated jog wheel, color grading controls, and a dynamic interface. Its deep integration with Final Cut Pro offers the most precise control over the editing, color-grading, and audio workspaces. You can organize your tools into custom workspaces for quick access and run strings of commands at the push of a button. Loupedeck CT offers the best experience to professional and Final Cut Pro experts.

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Loupedeck Live for Final Cut Pro

Speed up your content creation workflow in Final Cut Pro with Loupedeck Live. Stay organized and efficient with workspaces. Organize your LUTs, custom presets, and commands into workspaces for instant access. Intuitively navigate your timeline, select clips, and apply edits fast with tactile dials. Create custom actions and macro to streamline your Final Cut Pro workflow. You can even access advanced audio controls, letting you create and edit video projects to perfection more efficiently.

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Loupedeck+ for Final Cut Pro

Efficiently edit and fine-tune your videos with ease on macOS with Loupedeck. This intuitive console offers tactile buttons, dials, wheels, and controls that make editing and colo-grading in Final Cut Pro easier. You can command multiple video editing functions at once, without ever having to look away from your screen. Its integration with Final Cut Pro is perfect for colorists and light video editors.

Maximize your Final Cut Pro workflow with Loupedeck

Loupedeck is a Final Cut Pro control surface, designed to make the video editing process faster and more intuitive. Each console is equipped with default layouts and workspaces organized with Final Cut Pro’s most commonly used functions. You can use these as-is, or you can easily create custom mappings with your own Final Cut Pro presets, LUTs and shortcuts. Loupedeck eliminates having to search for functions, letting you stay focused and produce videos more efficiently.

Optimized video editing control surface for MacOS

The Loupedeck plugin for Final Cut Pro is native integration, meaning it communicates directly using Apple’s API. Using Loupedeck and Final Cut Pro provides an optimized video editing experience with your macOS.

To get started with Final Cut Pro, simply download the Loupedeck Software, connect your console, and select Final Cut Pro. For smooth operation, you may need to adjust your macOS settings, which you can learn about here.

How to achieve greater control over your timeline

With Loupedeck’s deep, native plugin for Final Cut Pro, managing your timeline is easier and more efficient. You can quickly skim your timeline with immediate access to your Blade, Trim of Range Selection editing tools. Efficiently browse through your projects and select clips using a dedicated jog wheel or tactile dial. You can also trim clips, set in and out points, and apply quick edits by simply pushing a button for a faster, more precise Final Cut Pro experience.

Color-grade your videos in real-time with Loupedeck

A dedicated color grading panel makes adjusting colors within video clips easy. With Loupedeck and Final Cut Pro, you get direct access to all the built-in color-grading tools. By simply turning a wheel or dial you can precisely adjust the color inspector with color wheels, color curves, and hue/saturation curves. Instantly apply your presets or LUTS in Final Cut Pro by pressing a button, to video clips. You can even color grade in real-time using Full-Screen mode for a more personalized experience.

Total flexibility over your video editing workflow

Pro-video editors enjoy the added flexibility Loupedeck brings to their workflow. When working across a variety of creative software and between video projects, efficiency is key. Loupedeck consoles like CT and Live are highly versatile and offer a seamless and dynamic experience. As you edit, you can easily switch software like Photoshop or Audition, and your editing tools follow. You can also swap between your Loupedeck console, keyboard, or mouse seamlessly, without any delay.

Get started with Loupedeck for Final Cut Pro

Simply download the Loupedeck Software to get started with Final Cut Pro right away.

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