Loupedeck Black Week

Deals and Discounts Up to $70 OFF

It’s the Best Time of the Year – Black Week

Get Black Friday deals up to $70 on everything from the pro-level editing console Loupedeck CT to the highly versatile Loupedeck Live perfect for streamers and creators. Enjoy discounts on Loupedeck Travel Case Bundles, available only here. Hurry—offers end Nov. 27th.

Creative Tool for Pro Editors, Colorists & Creators

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Loupedeck CT

Optimize your creative workflow with our most powerful and highly customizable editing console, Loupedeck CT for innovative and ambitious creative professionals.

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Loupedeck CT and Travel Case Bundle

The Loupedeck CT Bundle fuses power and precision with unparalleled flexibility, letting you create and edit however and wherever you want.

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Loupedeck Live

The Loupedeck Live offers speed, accuracy, and authority for content creators and live streamers with a limitless vision.

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Loupedeck Live and Travel Case Bundle

Create and stream wherever and however, with the Loupedeck Live Travel Case Bundle.

Essential Tool for Photo & Video Editors of All Levels

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Intuitive design and tactile controls bring a natural feel to photo and video editing. Loupedeck+ is an ergonomic, easy-to-use console for beginners and pros.

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Loupedeck+ and Travel Case Bundle

Enhance your photo and video editing workflow, and easily travel between workstations the Loupedeck+ and Travel Case Bundle.

Complete Setup for Streamers, Content Creators & Productivity Seekers

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Loupedeck Live S

Stream your best content, connect with your audience, adjust your audio effortlessly, and manage your daily productivity tasks all from one simple, easy-to-use interface.

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Loupedeck Live

The Loupedeck Live offers speed, accuracy, and authority for content creators and live streamers with a limitless vision.

On sale

Loupedeck Live and Travel Case Bundle

Create and stream wherever and however, with the Loupedeck Live Travel Case Bundle.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Loupedeck Console


Best tools for pro editors and colorists


Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live are compact, fully customizable consoles with powerful, versatile and premium design. Ideal for creative pros who work across various editing software, seek precision and efficiency.

Loupedeck CT features the multi-touch color wheel for professional color-grading and adjustments.

Loupedeck Live is a more compact, affordable option, which enables a similar level of precision and control for semi-pro to professional editors.

Go-To Console for Photographers and Filmmakers


Loupedeck+ is ergonomic, intuitive, fast and easy to use. Perfect for heavy Lightroom Classic users, aspiring photographers and video editors. Helps editing large batches of photos faster.

Must-Have Controllers for Streamers and Productivity


Loupedeck Live and Loupedeck Live S feature touchscreen buttons, analog dials, RGB buttons and a stand for a finer angle.

Loupedeck Live is ideal for professional streamers with sophisticated setups who seek multi-audio control and whose creative workflow spans from streaming and production to photo and video editing.

Loupedeck Live S is a perfect entry-level tool with daptable interface and powerful software. Perfect for stream control, productivity tasks, and small edits.

Everything you need to know about Loupedeck Black Friday Deals

The Loupedeck Black Week sale is the best time to upgrade your creative setup. From now until Cyber Monday, November 27th Loupedeck.com offers you exciting deals on our entire range of Loupedeck consoles and travel case bundles.

Loupedeck consoles make the best holiday gifts for creative people, as they support a variety of workflows and setups from editing to content creation, streaming and more.Catering to both experts and novices, our selection has the ideal addition for you. With the premium Loupedeck CT for professional editors or the highly versatile Loupedeck Live for content creators and streamers, here’s something for everyone. And with discounts of up to $70 off, you can upgrade your creative setup, without breaking the bank.

Loupedeck Black Week sale starts Monday, November 20th. Sign up for the Loupedeck Newsletter to receive exclusive sales and offers exclusively available to our newsletter subscribers.

Loupedeck Black Week Sale extends beyond Black Friday and into Cyber Monday, featuring deals and discounts all week. Cyber Monday, November 27th, will be the last day of the Black Week sale, so act fast!

The Black Week deals will consist of Loupedeck CT, Loupedeck Live, Loupedeck Live S, and Loupedeck+. The Loupedeck and Travel Case Bundles will also be included in the Black Week offer, which will be available this Black Friday, here on Loupedeck.com, the official Loupedeck online webshop.

Black Friday discounts on Loupedeck consoles will be available on various online retailers, including Amazon Marketplaces. The best Black Friday offers however will be part of the Loupedeck Black Week deals, available exclusively here on Loupedeck.com, the official Loupedeck online webshop.

Are you a Lightroom Classic power user? Look no further than the Loupedeck+ Photo & Video Editing Console. Loupedeck+ offers a universal editing experience, ideal for both novices and seasoned professionals. Its intuitive interface aligns seamlessly with the editing process, offering a user-friendly layout that promotes comfort and ease of use. Beginners will appreciate its straightforward approach, while advanced editors will benefit from its customizable controls that streamline and enhance the editing and color-grading process.

Equipped with tactile buttons, dials, and a wheel, the Loupedeck+ allows for effortless adjustments of exposure, image cropping, rotation, color grading, video playback control, and beyond. And it’s now fully customizable and can be personalized to your individual editing style and preferences.

For creative professionals who demand precision, efficiency, and limitless customization, the Loupedeck CT emerges as the ultimate game-changer. Seamlessly compatible with a vast array of creative applications, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Ableton, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro, the Loupedeck CT adapts to your ever-evolving creative needs.Tailor, Loupedeck CT to your unique workflow, crafting personalized profiles for each application you use. Assign shortcuts and macros to individual buttons, making repetitive tasks effortless.

Feel the power of the Loupedeck CT’s meticulously crafted design. Premium materials, tactile precision controls, touch-sensitive buttons, and a color wheel seamlessly blend to create an intuitive and enjoyable editing experience. Whether you’re mastering the art of retouching, fine-tuning color grading, or navigating complex editing workflows, the Loupedeck CT places precision at your fingertips.

The Loupedeck Live is a versatile and affordable option for experienced content creators and streamers. It features tactile buttons, dials and a touch interface that make everyday editing and streaming tasks effortless. For streamers, Loupedeck Live enables you to switch scenes, manage lighting, command actions, and engage your audience effortlessly. Creators can leverage the console’s wide compatibility with leading editing software and tactile controls to speeding up the editing process and produce professional-level content.

Beyond its creative applications, the Loupedeck Live also proves valuable for productivity tasks. By assigning shortcuts and macros to frequently used actions, users can streamline their daily workflows, whether managing emails, browsing the web, or performing system tasks. This versatility makes the Loupedeck Live a valuable asset for anyone seeking to enhance their overall productivity.

The Loupedeck Live S is a new and affordable console designed to enhance your streaming, content creation, and everyday productivity. This powerful yet compact console is perfect for budding streamers, content creators, or anyone seeking to boost their productivity. With the Loupedeck Live S, managing your streams is a breeze. Its streamlined interface and intuitive controls, including tactile buttons and touch-sensitive dials, let you seamlessly switch scenes, interact with viewers, and adjust audio levels without missing a beat.

The benefits of the Loupedeck Live S extend beyond streaming. This versatile console can also significantly boost your everyday productivity. Assign shortcuts and macros to frequently used actions, whether managing emails, browsing the web, or performing system tasks, and streamline your daily workflows.