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Now you have one place to discover new Plugins, Custom Profiles, and icon packs for your Loupedeck Console. Download the Loupedeck Software to gain access to the marketplace with more than 250+ new tools and content.

New Community Profiles & Plugins

Affinity Photo

The Affinity Photo Profile for Loupedeck lets you create faster with 19 functions for dials and 80+ press actions.



Optimize your 3D workflow with an ease-to-use Blender Profile for Loupedeck. Perfect for pros and beginners.

DaVinci Resolve

This DaVinci Resolve Profile for Loupedeck gives you access to key editing functions, audio post, and basic Fusion functions.



Brainstorm ideas, design and manage your prototypes with ease using the Figma Profile for Loupedeck.

Logic Pro

Access transport controls and basic editing actions more intuitively using the Logic Pro Profile.



Manage your teams, projects, docs and boost your productivity with the Notion Profile for Loupedeck.

Vegas Pro

The Vegas Pro Profile enables you to easily navigate, zoom your timeline and quickly execute basic editing actions.


Create custom sound effects and change your voice in real-time using the Voicemod plugin for Loupedeck.

Youtube Music Desktop

Intuitively control Youtube using your Loupedeck console with our new Youtube Music Desktop plugin.

Your setup is everything

Customize your setup with Icon Packs designed for your Loupedeck Console. Browse our collection of beautifully designed icons for editing photos, editing videos, streaming, designing, audio composition, and more. Simply download them to make your Loupedeck Console the ultimate creative partner.

Stay up to date with Asset Manager

Keep track of all your plugins with the Loupedeck Asset manager. At a glance, know what you own, their status and if there are any updates are available. If a plugin requires an update, simply download the latest version.

Want more? We’re just getting started

Loupedeck Marketplace is available in the oupedeck Software version. New plugins, profiles, and icon packs will be added regularly, as well as downloadable sounds and an intuitive search experience in the coming months.

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