Loupedeck for Adobe Photoshop

Loupedeck consoles are custom photo-editing controllers that provide quick access to commonly used desktop functions in post-production software. Loupedeck consoles offer a native plugin to Adobe Photoshop enabling a more intuitive editing experience. With Loupedeck for Photoshop, the level of depth and precision varies between consoles.

The Photoshop native-plugin for Loupedeck is readily available within the Loupedeck software.

Loupedeck consoles compatible with Adobe Photoshop

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Loupedeck CT for Adobe Photoshop

Loupedeck CT is totally customizable, professional editing console for Adobe Photoshop. It offers the most comprehensive Photoshop experience, without limitations. All of your Photostop tools are organized into Workspaces for instant access. Apply the most precise adjustments with premium controls and color wheel.

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Loupedeck Live for Adobe Photoshop

Loupedeck Live is a customizable companion console for content creators and streamers. Its compact design offers quick access to Photoshop controls. Access and apply any Photoshop tool or function at the push of a button and make quick adjustments with tactile dials.

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Loupedeck+ for Adobe Photoshop

Loupedeck+ offers a simple Adobe Photoshop experience. All of the basic Photoshop editing tools are laid across tactile buttons, dials, and controls. You can apply quick and simple edits to images in Photoshop, as well as in Adobe Camera Raw. Loupedeck+ is ideal for light Photoshop users.

Improve your photo editing workflow with Loupedeck

Bring faster, more accurate control to your Adobe Photoshop workflow. Efficiently retouch your images with instant access to essential tools and functions. With the push of a button you can toggle on any tool like Spot Healing Brush or Clone Stamp, and accurately adjust their size and settings at the turn of a tactile dial. Apply precision adjustments using Photoshop’s color wheels, using Loupedeck’s tactile, color-grading controls. To free up your Photoshop desktop you can easily hide unnecessary panels, letting you color-correct and retouch your photo without distraction.

Dedicated Photoshop Controller for Windows and macOS

Take your post-processing workflow to the next level with the Loupedeck native-plugin for Photoshop. The Photoshop plugin is available for all consoles, and is easily accessible within the Loupedeck software. Download our software, connect your console and select Photoshop to get started.

Enhanced navigation and layer control in Photoshop

Being a dedicated controller for Adobe Photoshop, Loupedeck makes managing layers and accessing your favorite Photoshop tools simple. Easily move, group, and merge layers, and effectively adjust layer opacity, fill settings, layer masks and more with a quick push of a button or turning a dial. For a more efficient Photoshop workflow, you can organize your tools and commonly used functions into custom layouts or workspaces for instant access when needed.

Photoshop Controller for professional editors

Professional editors enjoy the precision control and versatility Loupedeck brings to their workflow. Whether you’re a pro photographer or power user, Loupedeck keeps your tools organized at your fingertips, as you seamlessly move between workspaces and software. Utilizing Photoshop actions is typically a complex process, but Loupedeck makes organizing and applying actions simple, letting you streamline your editing workflow.

Get started with Loupedeck for Photoshop

Simply download the Loupedeck Software to get started with Adobe Photoshop right away.

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