Loupedeck's Native Plugins and the Loupedeck Live


Starting in 2021, all Loupedeck Live owners will get to choose two creative applications they want to use with the Loupedeck Live. Additional creative plugins will be available for purchase through the Loupedeck software, via an affordable subscription or lifetime license.

Loupedeck’s journey began in 2016 with the mission to make photo editing faster and more intuitive with an editing console tailored to the task. Since then, we have extended the range of our supported software to a variety of different fields – from photo and video editing, design, music production and live-streaming.

Loupedeck consoles are designed to be customizable and versatile for any creative environment. With the introduction of Custom Profile feature for Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live you now have the power to create your own profiles also for software outside the Loupedeck native line-up, putting your in control over your console and your creative workflow.

We are committed to providing the best experience possible with our consoles, software and native integrations. To support the continued development of native integrations, starting in 2021, Loupedeck Live will come out of the box with full support for live-streaming software, as well as two creative plugins of your choice. Additional creative plugins will be available for purchase with a one-time payment (19,99-29,99 EUR/USD) or as an affordable subscription (1,49-1,99 EUR/USD per month) after a two-week trial period.

We know you may have questions, but don’t worry we have you covered! Below we have put together a Q&A for what to expect in 2021.
After purchasing the Loupedeck Live, will purchasing additional plug-ins be mandatory?

No, not at all! When buying the device, all streaming-related functionality as well as two creative plugins of your choosing are included in the price. You can always set up your device to work in any software with Custom Profiles for free. However, API actions won’t be available for Custom Profiles.
Example: Let’s say you select Lightroom and Photoshop as your two creative plugins. After that you are free to create your own Custom Profile for Adobe Premiere Pro using keyboard shortcuts and macros if you don’t wish to purchase the plugin, but API actions will only be available with the plugin.

Will the two creative plugins that come with the Loupedeck Live, as well as additional purchased be tied to a Loupedeck user account or to the device?

All plugins purchased will be bound to the user account, which means you will have access to those with any Loupedeck device you own (if available).

If I lose my Loupedeck Live or accidentally break it and need to purchase another, will I have to re-purchase plugins?

No, as all software plugins are tied to your user account, you will not have to purchase them again. You will never lose access to your purchased software.

If I decide to gift or sell my Loupedeck Live, will the additional software and applications I purchased go to that person?

No, the new owner will have to purchase their own software plugins since they are tied to your user-account.

I currently own or want to purchase the Loupedeck CT, do these changes affect me?

No, as the current list of plugins supported by the Loupedeck CT remains unchanged, and future updates to those as well as the Loupedeck Software are available for free for all owners of a Loupedeck CT.

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