We’re in love with photography. But the editing part…well, we noticed that wasn’t as easy or creative as it could be. We started thinking – how can we make editing intuitive? How can we put the power back into your hands?

We enlisted the help of some top developers with backgrounds in Nokia– so we knew we had the smarts to solve this problem.

This is how we came up with Loupedeck – a console that saves you time, lets you be more creative, and enables you to unlock the potential of every frame.

Straight away Loupedeck created a buzz – our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign finished 488% above target. We’re super proud of the finished product. We really believe that it’s what photographers have been waiting for.

We want to share our journey with you. Our goal is to build a community around Loupedeck – one that will make your experience even better. With your input we can create more awesome products in the near future.

The Team

  • Mikko Kesti

    Founder, CEO

  • Felix Hartwigsen

    Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

  • Pauli Seppinen

    Co-Founder, Head of Products

  • Andrew Coomber

    Head of Sales

  • David Ip

    Sales Director Asia

  • Camilla Vickström

    Office Manager

  • Karo Holmberg

    UX Specialist

  • Valeriya Kostyukovskaya

    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

  • Ilona Salo

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Jussi Mäkinen

    Project Manager

  • Michel Gillet

    Senior Firmware Engineer

  • Pauli Immonen

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Ville Rahikka

    Senior Software Developer