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Design and build high-quality integrations with Loupedeck's open SDK for developers.

We are now accepting open integration requests by third-party developers to join the Loupedeck Developer Program and Platform, which is available to businesses and individuals with experience in product and application development. Upon acceptance to the Developer Program and Platform you will receive immediate access to the Loupedeck SDK, information regarding the concepts and functionality behind the Loupedeck Creative Tool, as well as guidance on how to use the SDK and build a custom integration.

It is recommended that you present a clear concept of your project and how the integration will be used before requesting access to the Developer Platform.

To get started, please request access to the Developer Program here:

For more information, please contact:

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  • Develop with the Loupedeck CT

    Today, we are officially launching the Loupedeck Developer Program and Platform, which opens the doors to the Loupedeck SDK, exclusively for the Loupedeck Creative Tool. This means, more supported software, more plug-ins, and many more possibilities!


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