Video tutorials

Loupedeck is intuitive, fast and easy to use. But sometimes we all could use some help getting started. These video tutorials range from how to set up and use basic functions, through to how to unlock the huge, creative photo editing potential of your Loupedeck console.

  • Loupedeck+ with Angelina Ilmast: Portrait Editing in Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Loupedeck+ with Thomas Poole: Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Loupedeck+ with Thomas Poole: Color Grading In Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Loupedeck+ with Paola Franqui: Advanced Color Management

  • Loupedeck+ with Paola Franqui: Applying Presets, Filter Adjustments and Exporting

  • Loupedeck+ with Evelin Kask: Crop/Rotate Tool, Custom Mode and General Functions

  • Loupedeck+ with Evelin Kask: Library Mode and Local Adjustments

  • Loupedeck: Color Management

  • Loupedeck: Personalized Functions

  • Loupedeck: Selecting

  • Loupedeck: Lighting Adjustments

  • Loupedeck: Basics