Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the most common questions frequently asked by our customers.

Configuration software

  • What are the system requirements?

    Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7
    Mac® OS 10.13, Mac® OS 10.12, Mac® OS 10.11, Mac® OS 10.10

  • Where can I download the configuration software?

    You can download the latest version of the configuration software at

  • I unzip the installation file, but it gets deleted right away.

    Some virus scanners are programmed to protect your computer from new software that they are not familiar with. This means they sometimes delete or disable the software and show this message.

    As a fix, either disable your virus scanner or ask it to exclude Loupedeck configuration software in its threat assessment. Then uninstall the Loupedeck software and install it again from

    Here is how to do it with Avast:

    If you are using a feature like CyberCapture that prevents all new software from running this might cause problems.

    To turn this feature off in Avast, follow these instructions:

  • I get error ‘Driver not installed’, Loupedeck icon does not respond and device manager shows an error.

    Windows may have attempted to install an incorrect driver for Loupedeck.

    As a fix, please uninstall the Loupedeck software from Windows Device Manager and install it again from

  • How do I make sure I always have the latest version of the configuration software?

    Please visit to download the latest version of the configuration software

  • Why it is important to update the configuration software?

    It is important to constantly update the configuration software to fix bugs and add new functions


  • My PC screen goes into sleep mode

    The user needs to activate the PC externally (e.g., the mouse)

  • Loupedeck does not work when using Quick Develop in Library mode

    Currently, Loupedeck supports editing only in Develop mode

  • I have installed Loupedeck on our shared computer, but other family members/users cannot see it in their profile

    Loupedeck supports only one user profile

  • My Lightroom doesn’t seem to work with Loupedeck.

    Loupedeck is only compatible with Adobe® Lightroom® 6 or Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC

  • I closed Loupedeck configuration software by accident while going through the first-time use

    No worries, the flow will resume when the Loupedeck configuration SW is opened again

  • I cannot see the first-time use flow when I update my SW

    It won’t appear there in case of SW update

  • I adjust, e.g., Hue channel with Loupedeck and then use the mouse to select Sat channel from Lightroom, but Loupedeck does not follow my actions. The same happens when using Clr/BW mode. Why?

    Unfortunately, Loupedeck cannot get feedback from Lightroom

  • Loupedeck is not working in Grid mode

    Currently, Loupedeck supports only Develop mode

  • My Loupedeck blinks, or several led lights are on at the same time

    It is recommended not to use other MIDI-devices at the same time with Loupedeck

  • I receive “No Lightroom connection” in configurations software window when selecting a preset

    Have you checked the size of the preset folder? If you are a heavy user of presets, you may experience a slow Lightroom connection


  • What is my warranty cover and how long does it last?

    Loupedeck comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty starting from the original date of purchase covering any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

  • How do I submit a warranty claim?

    If you have purchased the Loupedeck from a dealer, please contact the dealer’s customer service

    If you have purchased the Loupedeck from Loupedeck’s own web shop, please send an email to