Loupedeck’s rise to success has been an exhilarating journey. Our story began in Helsinki, Finland where founder and CEO, Mikko Kesti conceptualised the device we have come to know and love – Loupedeck. From there we launched an Indiegogo campaign, which went viral thanks to the dedication from our supporters.

We are dedicated to supporting creatives worldwide, by providing an innovative and intuitive solution to enhance their editing workflow.

We owe much of our success to our team of committed influencers who consistently post and share their experiences with Loupedeck. Our brand influencers are some of the most talented and dedicated creatives, who go above and beyond to share their story with Loupedeck. Each and everyday we are inspired by the amount of support and talent seen from our influencers. No Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post goes unnoticed.

Loupedeck is constantly evolving and coming up with innovative solutions for to enhance the editing experience. We are now seeking highly motivated and creative content producers, with an engaged social following, interested in joining our affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketers will be responsible for posting and sharing Loupedeck content whenever they see fit. The goal is to produce sales and earn revenue from the number of sales.

What we are looking for?

An ideal Loupedeck affiliate, is one who possesses a strong portfolio consisting of an engaged following, experience being a trusted source of information, and someone who is experienced in working with the Loupedeck+ console. Since Loupedeck supports Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Aurora HDR, it is also important that the affiliate has extensive working knowledge on one of these programs. A major bonus would be that this person is a social influencer with prior experience in affiliate marketing.

Why should you become an Affiliate?

If you are a social influencer who loves Loupedeck and sharing your Loupedeck story, than it is only natural for you to be part of our growing team of affiliates. Social influencers who become Loupedeck Marketing Affiliates will receive a generous percentage from sales generated. Upon review, affiliates with proven success and have developed a strong working relationship with us, will be eligible to receive a larger percentage


How to be a successful Loupedeck Affiliate:

To be successful in this program you must be able to commit some time and effort into promoting Loupedeck+. Your main responsibility will be to create and share Loupedeck related content across social media, within your workshops, or wherever you see fit. It is imperative that the unique link is always used, since this how generated sales will be tracked!

How to apply?

If you believe you meet the criteria mentioned above, we would love to hear from you! To apply, please submit your application request here.