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Loupedeck Beta Release Program

Welcome to the Loupedeck Beta Release Program!

We’re excited to let you try out our Beta software, test upcoming features, and help improve the Loupedeck experience. Understanding how you use our software and possible bugs experience along the way is vital to our development process.

The beta version will gather anonymous statistical and analytical data about your use of our products and services. To protect your privacy, we will process this information in a de-identified form. Any data gathered from the Beta release will not be used for marketing purposes.

Start testing and give feedback!

Download the current Beta test software below to get started.If you have any questions or concerns regarding the test please contact our Beta Release Program Team

Download software

The Loupedeck Beta Release Program is designed to let our beta testers try out upcoming features and changes, and improve our software.

Our beta software will gather anonymous data about your use of our products and services, which will help us to identify which features and improvements we should focus on next. To protect your privacy, we will process this information in a de-identified form, and any data gathered from the Beta release will not be used for marketing purposes.

Make a difference – give feedback!

As a Loupedeck Beta Release Program participant, you get a chance to improve our product experience! Participants are always encouraged to contact us with their experiences, ideas, and concerns.

Beta-Software Experience

We aim to make our beta releases as stable as possible, however since they are still going through development, bug fixing, and overall improvements during the beta phase, we strongly recommend backing up your user profiles before installation and trying out the beta software. On the upside, our participants will be among the first to receive bug fixes for various issues along with the beta software.

If you discover a problem, want to comment on the new features, or just give general improvement ideas for the best possible user experience, you can do so by emailing our Beta Release Program Team or by participating in a survey. Also, if you have discovered a bug, please provide us step-by-step instructions for reproducing it.

Become a Beta tester today!

By signing up for our Beta Release Program, you acknowledge and agree that the beta version of the Loupedeck software will be collecting anonymous telemetric data and send automated crash reports to Loupedeck. We use this data only to improve the quality of our software.

If you want to cease providing us telemetric data about your use, you can opt-out from the Beta Release Program at any time by reverting to the release version of the Loupedeck Software. For more information, please look into our Privacy Policy.

Once you have signed up to become a Beta Release Program Participant, you will receive via email access information within 3 business days.

We exist for our users – Thank You for your participation!

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