Faster and more precise video editing with Final Cut Pro X

The pros already love Final Cut Pro. And Loupedeck makes editing videos with Final Cut even faster, smoother and more precise.

Experience a faster, more intuitive video workflow in Final Cut Pro X with a Loupedeck console. Each Loupedeck console has an intuitive user interface with controls, dials, and wheels for editing, grading and fine-tuning your work. Discover the benefits of both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck+ so you can decide which console is perfect for you and your editing style.


Loupedeck CT

When you use Loupedeck CT to edit in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll get:
  • Designated set of FCPX preset workspaces, dedicated to each stage of the video editing process for a faster more intuitive workflow
  • Stay organized with workspaces – group your favorite actions and functions into custom workspaces for quick access to the tools you need
  • Complete color grading solution. Apply precise light and color adjustments with Loupedeck CT’s tactile dials and wheel. Make fine-adjustments to curves and grade using Loupedeck CT’s powerful color wheel.
  • Quick import, review and select your favorite sequences and place them into your timeline
  • Complete timeline control – Adjust timeline view, video height, zoom in and out of your timeline and apply adjustments to your clip height with a turn of a dial or wheel
  • A more personalized Final Cut Pro X experience with Loupedeck CT’s fully customizable layout. Customize everything from workspaces to touchscreens, dials and buttons to match your own unique editing style
  • Intuitively edit and adjust audio within your timeline.
  • Editing clips using Loupedeck CT’s full-screen mode for a more natural and precise editing experience.
  • Loupedeck CT works in sync with your software and the various tools you use. This means you can easily switch between Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop or switch between your mouse, keyboard or pen.


When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll get:
  • Faster and more intuitive video editing and color correction – all color grading tools are clearly labelled
  • Color wheel workspace compatibility for quick and precise color grading
  • Total flexibility to create custom configurations to fit your personal workflow
  • Easily export / import your personal Loupedeck+ configuration setups and transfer them to another computer
  • Full Screen mode gives you precise control when color grading
  • Flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment
  • Option to customize Loupedeck+’s console buttons to your preferred Final Cut Pro shortcut commands, or use preinstalled function
  • 400+ additional functions