Take editing with Adobe Photoshop to new heights

You asked, we answered! You can now use your Loupedeck editing console with Adobe Photoshop CC and Camera Raw to achieve a totally smooth, seamless and customized editing workflow.

Experience a faster, more intuitive video workflow in Adobe Photoshop CC with a Loupedeck console. Each Loupedeck console has an intuitive user interface with controls, dials, and wheels for retouching, grading and fine-tuning your work. Discover the benefits of both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck+ so you can decide which console is perfect for you and your editing style.

Loupedeck CT

When you use Loupedeck CT to edit in Photoshop, you’ll get:
  • Designated set of Photoshop custom workspaces, specific to various project types for a faster and more intuitive workflow
  • Easy setup – simply plug in your console, download the Loupedeck software and start editing
  • Intuitive navigation within Photoshop, allowing quick access to the tools you need
  • Layer management. Easily add/remove layers, group or merge layers, apply layer masks, and adjust layer opacity with Loupedeck CT’s buttons, dials or wheel.
  • Quick access to tools. Use custom workspaces for quick access to essential tools and functions or create custom workspaces with the specific set of tools needed to match your own style of editing
  • Gain precision control over Photoshop’s color control panel. Colors can be selected using Loupedeck CT’s intuitive color wheel.
  • Intuitive control of brush settings. Control brush size, brush mode, brush opacity and brush feather with a quick turn of a dial or wheel
  • Loupedeck CT works in sync with Photoshop, different software and the various tools you use. This means you can easily switch from Photoshop to Premiere or switch between your mouse, keyboard or pen
  • Quick access to all essential Photoshop shortcuts and commands and assign your own Photoshop actions to touch buttons for a more personalized editing experience.


When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, you’ll get:
  • Categorize images with stars and colors
  • Faster navigation – no need to search panels and functions
  • Easily run smart filters with Loupedeck+’s configurable buttons
  • Color correct images using HSL scrolls that work seamlessly with Adobe’s HSL-adjustments tab
  • Fine tune your images with tone curves, details (sharpening, noise reduction), split toning, lens corrections, effects (vignette, grain) and use camera calibration to fix tones
  • Edit raw images effortlessly with Loupedeck+’s simplified workflow
  • Quick, clear and simple navigation between Camera Raw’s complex panels
  • Make quick and easy color, shading and other adjustments with just the turn of a knob
  • Greatly improves the editing workflow for Photoshop users
  • Boost raw images with Loupedeck+ before editing them fully with Photoshop