More intuitive and faster editing with Lightroom Classic

Experience a faster, smoother and more customized Adobe Lightroom Classic experience with a custom Loupedeck editing console.

Experience a faster, more intuitive video workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic with a Loupedeck console. Each Loupedeck console has an intuitive user interface with controls, dials, and wheels for retouching, grading and fine-tuning your work. Discover the benefits of both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck+ so you can decide which console is perfect for you and your editing style.

Loupedeck CT

When you use Loupedeck CT to edit in Lightroom Classic, you’ll get:
  • Designated set of Lightroom preset workspaces, dedicated to each stage of the photo editing process for a faster more intuitive workflow
  • Easy setup – simply plugin your Loupedeck CT, download the Loupedeck software and start editing
  • Intuitive user-interface that provides quick and easy access to custom user presets, editing tools, functions and workspaces
  • Make incremental and precise adjustments to contrast, clarity or exposure in precise increments using Loupedeck CT’s tactile dials, giving you more control over your work
  • Quick access to Lightroom’s crop tool – apply crops or make ratio adjustments to your photo with the turn of a dial or wheel, making essential edits faster and more intuitive
  • Experience a more natural experience when making HSL adjustments with Loupedeck CT’s tactile dials.
  • A more personalized Lightroom experience with Loupedeck CT’s fully customizable layout. Customize everything from workspaces to touchscreens, dials and buttons to match your own unique editing style
  • Rating images has never been easier – Loupedeck CT lets you quickly navigate between photos, adjust the size of thumbnails, zoom into thumbnails and apply ratings all with a simple turn of a dial and click of a button.
  • Loupedeck CT works in sync with Lightroom, different software and the various tools you use. This means you can easily switch from Lightroom to Photoshop or switch between your mouse, keyboard or pen
  • Editing photos using Loupedeck CT’s full-screen mode for a more natural and precise editing experience.

When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Lightroom, you’ll get:

  • Quick access to Lightroom presets
  • Quick and easy setup with fast learning curve – start editing in just minutes
  • Precision image cropping – gets images to the perfect crop
  • Faster navigation – no need to search panels and functions
  • Navigate and rate images with the turn and click of a dial – no mouse needed
  • No mouse or keyboard needed to jump between left and right panels
  • No mouse needed to pinpoint tiny sliders – just turn a knob
  • Supports seamless editing for new and experienced editors
  • Fully customizable to your workflow
  • Full-screen editing lets you focus on your image while your hands control the edits
  • Extremely useful tool for batch photographers – drastically speeds up the editing workflow