Editing with Adobe Audition has never sounded better

Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck+ are fully integrated with Adobe Audition, making editing music and audio adjustments efficient and more intuitive.

Loupedeck CT’s native integration with Adobe Audition makes editing and composing audio more efficient and intutive. Loupedeck CT comes equipped with custom workspaces dedicated to various workflows, enabling quick access to an array of Adobe Audition editing tools. Experience more intuitive timeline navigation, precision editing and quick access to the tools you need. Loupedeck CT offers full control over all parameters with the turn of a dial, or you can seamlessly work between  your favorite editing tools.

When you use Loupedeck CT to edit in Adobe Audition, you’ll get:

  • Efficiently edit, compose and arrange music/audio using Loupedeck CT’s full integration with Adobe Audition.
  • Take advantage of a wide variety of actions within Adobe Audition.
  • Create custom shortcuts to customize the way you work
  • Speed up your workflow with custom User Actions that can automate repetitive tasks.
  • Easy movement with with Jog wheel.
  • Intuitive shuttle rotation actions using Audition – easily increase or decrease the play speed

When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Adobe Audition, you’ll get:

  • Create a faster and more intuitive workflow
  • Create analogous use with digital project
  • Create and manage single track and multitrack projects
  • Use more accurate track control and navigation
  • Use all edit tools, including trim and nudge