Faster and more intuitive music workflow with Loupedeck Creative Tool in Ableton® Live™

Welcome to the most intuitive and customized music experience out there. Loupedeck CT is designed simplify and enhance your creative workflow in Ableton® Live™.

Experience a faster, more intuitive music workflow with Ableton® Live™ using the Loupedeck Creative Tool console. Loupedeck CT is a powerful, adaptable and custom console that puts the best of all your editing tools and software at your fingertips. Efficiently organize, compose, edit, adjust your audio tracks, and utilize workspaces to create a faster, more creative workflow – all from one sleek user interface.

Loupedeck CT

  • Designated set of custom Ableton® Live™ workspaces dedicated to various workflows
  • An array of Live™-specific and general editing tools: copy/paste/duplicate/move clips, automation, and midi notes
  • Arrangement and Session navigation: move, zoom, loop, and scroll on Arrangement and Session
  • Play/stop/arm/record controls for Session and Arrangement
  • Arrangement Locator control: add/delete locators and move between them with dials or the wheel
  • Full device parameter control: tweak any parameter with dials (Live™ and third-party devices) and control macros
  • Editing functions for clip colors, clip loop controls, warp modes, and clip start/end points
  • Clip triggering with pads: see clip names on pads and play/stop clips
  • Scene actions with dials and the wheel: play/stop scenes, create and duplicate scenes, etc.
  • Mixer functions for tracks: mute and solo tracks, control the level, pan, and sends as well as set cue and master level
  • Mixer functions for Drum Rackpads (solo, mute, level, send)
  • Monitoring and routing controls
  • A wheel browser: browse/preview/load instruments, effects, samples, and your custom folder content with the wheel
  • Controls to access and hide Live™’s main modules and views (device/clip view, sends, automation, etc.)
  • Easy switching between Arrangement and Session views
  • Controls for global quantization and record quantization
  • Grid control for Arrangement and clips with dial or wheel
  • Many tools that make you use your mouse and computer keyboard less
  • An intuitive editor that allows you to customize the CT profiles based on your needs and workflows