From the initial inspiration, to the team-building, the R&D, the prototypes and the crowdfunding, to the imminent arrival of the final product across global markets, it’s been a complex, intensive and multi-year journey for Loupedeck.

This first blog posting is the brief story of the past, to the present and the near future of the photo-editing hardware console.

For the team behind Loupedeck, an exhilarating 24-hours, back in early November 2016, was when it all changed. These hours marked the shift from Loupedeck the essentially untested prototype, the fruit of countless long meetings and a thousand other variables, to Loupedeck the future-viable product, supported by a rapidly increasing number of backers from across the globe. The first day on the crowdfunding portal Indiegogo saw Loupedeck reach half of its fixed-goal of €75,000 with a full month yet to go. Come the close of the campaign on December 3rd, 1436 backers had raised €366,000: an amount totalling 488% of the €75,000 fixed goal. Loupedeck had moved from concept to reality.

So what is Loupedeck? Simply, it is a custom built hardware console with real-world scrolling wheels, knobs and switches and it’s dedicated to Adobe Lightroom. It’s a photo editing console designed to work with Mac and PC. It lets you be more creative. It makes editing faster. It’s hands-on and intuitive. It is a hardware device that represents a new example of design rethinking in terms of how humans should interact with computers.

Conceived by Helsinki, Finland-based founder Mikko Kesti in December 2013, Kesti, a mechanical engineer and photographer, presented his idea to former senior Nokia developers in February 2016. Soon after, the company set up operations and with initial Finnish state funding for innovation, the R&D and prototype development really shifted up a gear.

And here we are, the first week of May 2017. On June 1, on this website, the online store will open to allow for pre-sales to begin. In the meantime, further hardware and software development continues at pace. During mid-April, the Finnish manufacturer of Loupedeck assembled 17 so-called prototype version Build 1.0 consoles, which are currently undergoing exhaustive mechanical and chemical stress tests.

The tests are designed to be singularly rigorous to highlight and then rectify, for example, any issues like process stability, quality risks, design flaws and material durability. Once the hardware testing is complete, then begins (towards the end of May), the beta-testing program to allow the team to receive feedback from a broader audience and allow for further fine-tuning before sales start.

On the software side, working versions of the console for Windows and Mac OS have almost all functionalities currently in place and word has it that the latency is better than the teams’ initial expectations.

So, up to speed and currently hitting every scheduled development benchmark, Loupedeck is all systems go as it prepares for launch.

P.S – Hoping this first blog got you salivating with anticipation. And there is so much more Loupedeck-centric stuff to come in the weeks, months (and years) ahead. From articles covering hardcore techy specs, to product design, influencer-interviews, real-world and hands-on case studies, Adobe-related news, in-depth DSLR camera features, console hardware / software updates and everything from the photo-editing micro to the macro big-picture… welcome all to the game-changing photo-editing console, Loupedeck.