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Loupedeck is continuously growing and coming up with new ideas to make your creative workflows faster and more intuitive.

Today, we are officially launching the Loupedeck Developer Program and Platform, which opens the doors to the Loupedeck SDK, exclusively for the Loupedeck Creative Tool. This means, more supported software, more plug-ins, and many more possibilities!

While we have already been accepting Developer requests since the launch of the Loupedeck Creative Tool back in November, we are now offering exclusive access to our SDK through our new Loupedeck Developer Platform. This platform provides developers with important information regarding the concepts and many layers behind the Loupedeck CT, how each piece works, and technical guidance on how to successfully design, build and implement a custom integration.


Who can join?

The Loupedeck Developer Program and Platform is available for business and individuals with a proven track record in product and application development. We request that you have a clear idea or concept, and a concise plan of action and how the integration will be used before applying to the program. While the Loupedeck Creative Tool has been designed to enhance the editing workflows of creatives, this console has a wide range of possibilities, so we highly encourage businesses and individuals from all backgrounds and industries to apply and present their ideas accordingly.

By opening the Loupedeck SDK, Loupedeck is expanding further as a brand and broadening the spectrum of where and how Loupedeck products can be used to bring a faster, more intuitive approach to creative and technical workflows.

Getting started

To develop plugins for Loupedeck CT, you need:
  • A computer running Windows10 or MacOS
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 (for example, the free Microsoft Visual Studio Community, or its Professional/Enterprise editions) or Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac
  • Loupedeck SDK
  • Loupedeck CT device
  • Basic knowledge of .NET/C# development
  • Understanding of your application

How to register:

If you feel you are ready to begin your journey with the Loupedeck Developer program, please register here:

For more information please contact us here:

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