New Loupedeck Software Update!

Get ready Loupedeck Software v4.009/28/2020

Loupedeck Software v4.0 brings exciting new updates and features including a new UI for enhanced usability, advanced customization, additional native plugins for live-streaming and added support for Loupedeck Live – The Power Console for Streamers and Content Creators

We’re excited to announce our latest Loupedeck Software Update v4.0. It brings an abundance of new features, including an updated user-interface, new live-streaming plugins added to the software line-up, as well added support for our latest console – Loupedeck Live, the Power Console for Streamers and Content Creators. Explore the many new features and enhanced support across the Loupedeck lineup!


Loupedeck Software v4.0 is full of many new features, designed to help boost your editing and live-streaming workflow.

  • Updated User Interface for a faster, more intuitive setup experience
  • Go live in seconds with added support for Loupedeck Live
  • Experience Twitch, OBS Studio and Spotify with both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live.
  • Customize custom action icons!
  • New Custom Actions: List and Run Application
  • Loupedeck Account: Create your own Loupedeck account to see what software is currently available for your console.


Today, we are introducing an updated User Interface for the Loupedeck Software, which provides a more intuitive experience, making setting up, navigating and customizing your console fast and easy.


Upon downloading and installing v4.0 users will discover a new Loupedeck Account feature, where you can create your own Loupedeck Account. While this feature is still under-development it will evolve into an important part of the new Loupedeck Software experience.

Users will be prompted to create a Loupedeck Account, which for Loupedeck Live users will unlock all creative applications for trial until 2021. For more info on the Loupedeck Live plugin model please click here.

The Loupedeck Account feature will soon become an essential part of the Loupedeck experience for all Loupedeck consoles, where you will be able to get vital information related to your console, manage your plugins and back up your profiles.


Whether you are creating new content, live-streaming, editing your photos, video or audio – Loupedeck Live provides fast access to all your essential tools and software. With Loupedeck Software v4.0, you will be able to:

  • Automate steps of your content creation or streaming workflow by combining commonly used actions or sequences into macros.
  • Customize your setup with custom workspaces and profiles to fit your personal needs and style.
  • Gain intuitive access to deep native integrations to your favorite streaming and creative software such as, Twitch, Streamlabs, OBS Studio, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and more!
  • Expand the functionality of your console by creating Custom Profiles for any software you want.


Loupedeck Software version 4.0 is available for download here.

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