Start editing with Loupedeck and Capture One Pro

The Loupedeck community asked for Capture One Pro support and we made it happen!

Loupedeck consoles now provide support for Capture One Pro for Loupedeck editing consoles, which offers quick access to basic editing tools and allows you to intuitively perform essential actions such as color adjustments. The experience with Capture One makes each stage of your workflow faster and easier.


Loupedeck CT provides an integration with Capture One Pro built with out Capture One’s API resulting in certain limitations of tools and functions it can control. To provide you with the best experience possible the Loupedeck team built a Capture One Extended Plugin Profile, which provides a more in-depth integration than just a set of shortcut commands.

To learn more about Profiles please click here.

To experience a better performance with Capture One Pro, download Capture One Extended Plugin Profile here.

When you use Loupedeck CT to edit in Capture One Pro, you’ll get:
  • Efficient photo editing experience
  • Intuitive color tagging experience
  • Intuitive layer control
  • Precise control over color adjustments


The Loupedeck+ offers beta support for Capture One Pro. This integration is built using shortcuts and commands directly from Capture One Pro, without an API. Because of this, Loupedeck team is constantly developing the experience and will improve as the Capture One Pro support evolves.

In the meantime, let us know what you think – your feedback will help us develop the best possible Capture One Pro editing experience.

When you use Loupedeck+ to edit in Capture One Pro, you’ll get:
  • Beta integration that will evolve as Capture One Pro evolves
  • Basic editing functions right at your fingertips
  • Smooth and easy master color toning with Loupedeck+


  • Loupedeck CT

    Enhance your editing and free your creativity with the custom editing console made for pros.

  • Loupedeck+

    Pro or beginner, achieving the perfect edit quickly becomes second nature with Loupedeck+'s intuitive buttons and dials.

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