Photoshop Default Profile

Loupedeck CT, Loupedeck Live, Loupedeck+

Available for Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live are the Photoshop Default Profile and the Legacy Profile for Photoshop. Also, available are Default Profiles for Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original. These profiles help you get the most of our your Photoshop software, as well as improve the editing experience using your Loupedeck custom console.

Photoshop Default Profile

Loupedeck’s new Photoshop Default Profile is easy to use and contains only the most commonly used tools in the home workspace. Aa Color Workspace has been added for faster color picking, as well as a new dynamic Layer Properties workspace, which changes according to the Photoshop’s Properties panel – a very useful addition when using a lot of adjustment layers.

Legacy Profile for Photoshop

The Legacy Profile for Photoshop (former factory default profile for Photoshop integration) contains multiple workspaces for various editing purposes such as, image cleaning, retouching, paths & vectors etc… This Profile has been updated to match the new Photoshop UXP plugin system by Adobe.


Download the Photoshop Default Profile  for Loupedeck editing consoles here. You can also download the Legacy Profile for Photoshop here for both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live.

Important!  For Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original, you must import the .zip file, do not unzip it.

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