Autodesk 3ds Max

Loupedeck CT

Loupedeck CT users now have the ability to integrate their 3D modelling and animation workflow with Autodesk 3ds Custom Profile. With the Autodesk 3ds Custom Profile, users will experience quick access to commonly used tools and controls, as well as the ability to easily navigate through their timeline.

Autodesk 3ds Max Custom Profile will allow users to: 

  • Intuitively scroll across the timeline
  • Quickly adjust the Viewport
  • Intuitive access to Keyboard modifiers, which are conveniently located under buttons 2-4
  • Access to all tools available under Fn + buttons 1-4
  • Quickly Hide/Unhide an object
  • Access to all Selection controls


Autodesk 3ds Max Custom Profile specifications: 

  • Keyboard language must be set to English
  • Windows


The Autodesk 3ds Max Custom Profile can be downloaded here.

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