Loupedeck Default Profiles

For Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live

Loupedeck Default Profiles are now available for download. Default Profiles will be made available through the Loupedeck Software in a later release.

Loupedeck Default Software Profiles are designed with all of the essential tools needed to get started creating, composing, editing, streaming and more! Default Profiles are included in the purchase of your Loupedeck console and are available for all native integrations.

Never worry about deleting or saving over them again – you can simply download them here and start fresh. Loupedeck Default Profiles will soon be available within the Loupedeck Software using your Loupedeck Account, where you will be able to save and access backups of Default Profiles and Custom Profiles.

Each of our Default Profiles are listed below are available for both Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live. (some Loupedeck Live Default Profiles are not available in v4.0, but will be added at a later date.)

Loupedeck Default Profiles

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