Start your creative journey with Loupedeck. Below you will find links to important downloads to help you enhance your experience.

To get started with your Loupedeck console you must first download and install the Loupedeck software. If you’re new to Loupedeck you should also download our user-guides to better understand the basics and functionality of your console.

Loupedeck Software & User Guides


Custom profiles are a powerful new way to expand the functionality of your Loupedeck CT. To help you get started with Custom Profiles and to better understand their functionality the we have built a few example for some of the most popular software. We highly encourage you to check out our Profiles page regularly for updates and new Profiles!

Custom Profiles


Loupedeck Default Profiles for Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live are now available for download. Default Profiles will be made available through the Loupedeck Software in a later release.

Default Profiles


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