Introducing the Loupedeck Creative Tool

The custom editing console made for pros


Meet the editing tool that’s designed to enhance how you work during every part of the editing process. Loupedeck Creative Tool brings the tools you use into one powerful, precise and perfectly-designed console.

  • A more natural editing experience

    Adam Karnacz to visited us here in Helsinki, Finland. Before we met up with Adam, we sent him to explore Lapland, to document the natural Finnish landscapes. From there he made his way up to the Norwegian border where he was inspired by Saana and the


  • Loupedeck influencer Aleksandar Jason walking through field.

    Aleksandar Jason’s Photographic Eye

    Read on as we tackle all your burning questions – including an insider look at how Loupedeck+ is integral to achieving that seductive autumnal look.



    Jessica Zollman (aka ‘Jayzombie’) was employee #5 at instagram and is now a successful L.A.-based photographer and influencer. With vibrant colors and geometric precision at the heart of her work, here Zollman takes us on a revealing journey through


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