We’d like to introduce you to some of the people behind Loupedeck. In this blog, product designer Heikki Kangasmaa explains Loupedeck’s unique journey from vision to actuality.

When Loupedeck’s founder Mikko Kesti got in touch I knew I’d be working on something super exciting. Loupedeck sounded like a genuinely new concept. So how did I help in turning this awesome idea into a real innovation?

I’m an industrial designer with over 17 years’ experience in product design and concepting. After graduating I built my career at Nokia and Microsoft. This put me right at the forefront of innovations in mobile technology products and concepts. As a product designer, one of the most important skills you need to have is the ability to understand usability. You have to know how different production methods and materials can help make the product as user friendly as possible. You also have to act as a link between various teams’ expertise. I regularly use 3D and 2D software like Photoshop in my daily work, so I knew that Loupedeck was definitely something that I wanted to be a part of.

Our overall design direction was clear from the get-go. Everything was going to be designed for optimum usability. This meant we had to really think about the user’s needs at every step of the way. And we didn’t leave any stones unturned. For example, we visited a professional DJ shop to check out different types of dials and functions, and their look and feel. We spent a long time analyzing what would make the best dimensions for Loupedeck. This was an inspiring way to work, and it created a real buzz amongst the team.

The actual product development and execution phase went pretty smoothly. Of course, it was a little different working with a small team when compared to Nokia or Microsoft. But it meant I got the chance to work in-depth with everybody. I learnt a lot from Karo Holmberg in particular. He’s a professional photographer and an expert in Adobe Lightroom. His knowledge made all the difference – it helped to put us in the mind of a Lightroom user, and understand how we could make their experience the best possible.

I’m super proud of the finished product. Meaningful design and usability were always the key drivers behind Loupedeck, and this is exemplified in the interface – all the keys and functions have been designed so as to be in precisely the right place for the user. We made sure that there’s enough space around each function to make the user’s experience seamless and intuitive. Care has been taken to ensure that it’s suitable for a wide range of users with varying needs. I’m also really pleased with the physical dimensions of the console. The body is lightweight but durable – not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

It was an awesome experience to be able to contribute to Loupedeck’s design. As a product designer there’s no better feeling than seeing a great product that you’ve worked on finally ready for market. Loupedeck is totally unique, and there’s a clear need for it. In fact, right after the product launch in 2016, a few people from my own neighborhood told me how excited they were by it. I can’t wait to see where Loupedeck’s journey goes from here. I hope you’ll be along for each and every step of it.